I'm the dog with the blog.


A Great Dane’s Work Is Never Done

 I helped rake the leaves in the yard today.


And what I mean by “helped” is…

I waited until mom raked all the leaves, and then I played in them. It’s the least I could do.

Yard work is exhausting. Time for a nap.


It’s a Great Dane Day

Just me, enjoying the summer breeze.


I hope everyone has a Great Dane day!

It’s What a Great Dane Does Best

I want to sit on the porch in the sun. I promise I won’t bark at everyone.



woof. woof. WOOF! WOOF!

Sun’s Out. Gwen’s Out.

I love to play in the snow, but I don’t like the cold. Brrrr. Now that winter is over, it’s time to get my girlish figure back with some hiking.


It feels good to get outside!

I am ready for some treats and snuggle time.

A Dog’s Sense

I’ve caught onto their sneaky ways. I know there’s medicine in those hot dogs and turkey meatballs they give me. Oh, and I won’t eat my dog food either… out of protest.

More meat. Less dog food. No pills. Thank you. Goodnight!


Sick As a Dog

It’s been a crazy month. My arthritis flared up and I couldn’t walk. I went to the vet and got some medicine that made me feel better. Then this weekend I ended up in the ER with a pyometra, a doggy uterus infection. I went into surgery at Tufts. I knew my parents were scared, but I am home now recovering. The doctors put this thing called a cone on me. it’s a fashion statement that I don’t understand. It just makes me walk into things like doors and walls, and kitty. You should see her take off! She said she’s happy I am home, though.  Mom got me some organic chicken and turkey too!

I’m so glad to be home writing again and keeping you in the loop. I think I’ll rest a little more before I get some chicken. Goodnight everyone!


Rockin’ my cone (or what I like to call my new plastic scarf)



Gwen, I am so thrilled you are home.




Dog Days of Summer

What’s that, a squirrel?

Oh darn, it’s just Kitty. I’m out of here!

What the heck did I do?