I'm the dog with the blog.


A Dog’s Sense

I’ve caught onto their sneaky ways. I know there’s medicine in those hot dogs and turkey meatballs they give me. Oh, and I won’t eat my dog food either… out of protest.

More meat. Less dog food. No pills. Thank you. Goodnight!


Sick As a Dog

It’s been a crazy month. My arthritis flared up and I couldn’t walk. I went to the vet and got some medicine that made me feel better. Then this weekend I ended up in the ER with a pyometra, a doggy uterus infection. I went into surgery at Tufts. I knew my parents were scared, but I am home now recovering. The doctors put this thing called a cone on me. it’s a fashion statement that I don’t understand. It just makes me walk into things like doors and walls, and kitty. You should see her take off! She said she’s happy I am home, though.  Mom got me some organic chicken and turkey too!

I’m so glad to be home writing again and keeping you in the loop. I think I’ll rest a little more before I get some chicken. Goodnight everyone!


Rockin’ my cone (or what I like to call my new plastic scarf)



Gwen, I am so thrilled you are home.




Dog Days of Summer

What’s that, a squirrel?

Oh darn, it’s just Kitty. I’m out of here!

What the heck did I do?

Happy New Year!

What a whirlwind of a holiday.  I went to Canada for Christmas, then to Grandma’s in the U.S. for New Year’s! Grandma and my Uncle Russell and Aunty Cindy gave me lots of presents! Spending time with my family makes me happy. Now, I am so pooped.


I hope everyone had a great holiday (whatever holiday you celebrate), and wishing everyone a very happy year to come. Love you all! Goodnight, everyone!

Happy Dog Day

Kitty heard it was National Dog Day.


So she was nice and cuddled with me.



I hope all the dogs out there get lots of cuddles (and not necessarily from a cat).

Goodnight, everyone!



Happy 4th of July!

It rained all day, but Kitty and I still celebrated! Hope everyone had a great 4th (without fireworks- they drive me batty.)




Goodnight, everyone!


Happy Canada Day!

Gwen the Great Dane

To my dad and to my family across the way.


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