I'm the dog with the blog.


Happy Dog Day

Kitty heard it was National Dog Day.


So she was nice and cuddled with me.



I hope all the dogs out there get lots of cuddles (and not necessarily from a cat).

Goodnight, everyone!



Happy 4th of July!

It rained all day, but Kitty and I still celebrated! Hope everyone had a great 4th (without fireworks- they drive me batty.)




Goodnight, everyone!


Happy Canada Day!

Gwen the Great Dane

To my dad and to my family across the way.

Gwenny’s back. Back again!

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus, but I am back!  A lot has happened, since I was last online.


I spent a week at Grandma’s in May. It’s always a vacation when I stay at Grandma’s.

Now for some big news: we have a new family member! Let me introduce you to Kitty.


She wandered onto our porch, and returned every night until she finally came inside. She had a bunch of ticks on her and was really skinny, but now she’s all cleaned (and fattened) up. It’s good. I like her food, so I sneakily eat out of her bowl. Hee Hee.  Kitty is my new… uh… sister?  I’ve always wanted a little sister to pick on – I just never thought she’d have claws.


It seems word is getting out that we like animals, because one night, we got a special visit from a raccoon.


Tonight, I went for a hike. I ran around and tromped through some mud.


Mom said she’ll cut me some slack and give me a bath tomorrow instead of tonight. Thank goodness, because this pup is pooped. Goodnight, everyone!





A Great Day!

Today I went to a state park that allowed me to hike off leash.

gwen_callahan2 gwen_callahanI had so much fun.

gwen_call3There was a big field to roam around.

Although you don’t see them in my pictures, I met a lot of new doggy friends, and I  spent a lot of time playing with them.

gwensleepI am so pooped.

Goodnight, everyone!

A Gift for Me!

Last year, I lost my favorite scarf.  It was pink and it kept me warm.  Mom tried another one on me, but I didn’t like it. It was brown.

1953_58968840398_8909_n 1953_58968850398_9397_n

Here I am wearing my favorite scarf while playing in the snow.

I was so sad when I lost it, but today I got a gift from my friends Kimberly and Mollie.  Mollie made me a new pink scarf!


I wanted to go outside as soon as I put it on!

P1100579 P1100590I love my new scarf.

It’s Snowing Again

It’s a cold and snowy night.  

P1100540Did this couch get smaller?


P1100529Oh, is that a cat on TV?



What to do, what to do… I guess I’ll lounge for a bit.

Goodnight, everyone. Stay warm!





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